Seneca College                                                                    2010-  2013
                          Ontario College Advanced Diploma in Animation
·          2 years Traditional principles in animation, layout, storyboard and   
character design.
·        1 year of Digital animation, lighting/texturing, modeling, rigging and scripting.

                          Toonboom/Flash Teaching Assistant      Seneca College                   2012-2013
·         Responsible for aiding students with learning the software.
·         Advised on flash animations and techniques, and troubleshooted problems with the software/animations.

                          Flash Character Animator, Storyboard artist, Character builder      2012-2013
                          The Ballad of El Flamingo
                                                       Seneca College
·         Animated  various scenes, and revised other scenes that required it
·         Storyboarded panels for use in a leica reel.
·         Built characters, and helped make revisions on various builds .
·         Provided general help in sections in order help to meet deadlines.
·         Worked in a pipeline environment and successfully met deadlines for production manager's schedule.

        Smile Mentor          Seneca College                                               2011-2012
·         Peer mentoring to help new students adjust to a college life
·         Directed students to school facilities and resources like the library, gym, and rental office.

- Traditional Animation and drawing                             -Traditional and digital painting
- Maya (Animation, Lighting/Texturing, Modelling)     - Mudbox modelling
- Toonboom Animate Pro                                               - Flash (Animation)
- Photoshop                                                                     - Aftereffects/Premiere Pro

*References available upon request